Nutrimentum Spiritus


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Heinrich-Heine-Ultra. Düsseldorf and the Rhineland forever in my heart. Ice hockey addict. Fan of the glorious Düsseldorfer EG. Autodidact. Sarcastic. (Self-) ironic. Cynical. Rational resistance. Diverse interests: human and civil rights, German and European history in the 20th century, climate change and global warming, political events in Germany, supply chain & customer relationship management, and of course, the Düsseldorfer EG.

Industrial clerk. From customer service representative to senior business process manager. International and intercultural customer and project management. Technical and disciplinary leadership. Logistics and customer relationship management. IT / high tech, consumer products, healthcare. TOGAF. Manage by data, not by opinion. There is no substitute for sustainability. Except sustainability. Usually three steps ahead.